Samaritan House relies upon the generosity and heartfelt caring of its donors to operate our facility and maintain an environment that is safe and clean for our guests, visitors, staff and volunteers. To do this, we rely upon provate donations from both the corporate community as well as the private donor community. We do not request nor do we accept federal, state or local agencies for financial assistance and this is what makes Samaritan House the unique and great place that it is. Operating on yearly budget of nearly $270,000.00, the blessings and generosity of our donors help us to maintain every aspect of our facility and program.

There are several ways that you can donate to Samaritan House:


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Samaritan House

611 Fortune St.

Charlotte, NC 28205

Financial Donations

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and keep Samaritan House the great place that it is.

Your generous donation is tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt.

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In-Kind Donations

TOILETRIES (Men & Women)

Shampoo, conditioner, Bar Soap, Liquid Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer Razors, Shaving Cream, Hand Lotion, Deodorant, Toilet Paper


Styrofoam Plates, Lg. Styrofoam Cups, Lg. Solo Cups, Plastic Utensils (clear), Napkions, Paper Towels


Sugar, Bottles Water, Condiment Packets, Salad Dressings, Cooking Oil & Spray, Hot Dog & Ham,burger Buns, Sliced Loaf Bread (white & wheat), Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Canned Vegetables, Canned Soups, Hot Chocolate (packets), Pudding Bups, Fruit Cups, Applesauce Cups, Cereals, Chips (snack size, assortment), Instant Otameal, Instant Grits, Coffee, Coffee Filters, Sweetener Packets, Coffee Creamers (assortment)


Dish Soap (liquid), Laundry Detergent (liquid), Fabric Softener (liquid), Windex, 409 Cleaner, Spic N' Span Cleaner (spray), Paper Towels, Lysol Spray, Mr. Clean Floor Cleaner, Scouring Sponges, Dishwasher Pods, Bathroom Cleaner (spray w/ bleach), Disinfectant Wipes, All-Purpose Cleaner (spray), Air Fresheners (spray)


Bath Towels (Lg.), Washcloths, Hand Towels, Sheet Sets (twin), Comoforters (twin), Mattress Covers, Pillow Cases (twin), Pillows


Copy Paper (white), Copy Paper (var. colors), Printer Ink Cartridges, Legal Pads (sm. & lg.), Manila File Folders, Address Labels (sm. & l;g.), Transparent Tape, Envelopes (#10) USPS Stamps (roll or book), Liquid Paper Correction Fluid (white)