Facts & Figures

Current as of 1/31/19

After Discharge from Samaritan House



Of all guests of Samaritan House complete our program and do not return to the streets, hospital or shelters



Access and utilize other homeless services offered while staying at Samaritan House



Compared to the 70% of Samaritan House guests who returned to the hospital when we started, now only 3% of guests return to the hospital

Where Samaritan House Guests Went After Discharge

Since 2005:

# of Guests Served


# of Guest Nights


Guests Able to get off the street and out

of the shelters completing the Samaritan

House program

1,302 (80%)

Own Place                                      21%

Other Program/Institution          16%

Family or Friends                          31%

Other (Completion Success)       12%

Why Guests Came to Samaritan House

Abscess                               52

AIDS Related                       62

Amputations                         22

Aneurisms                             3

Appendix                               8

Assault                                 69

Auto Accident (MVA)            39

Blood Clot(s)                        33

Cancer                                176

Cardiovascular                       9

Cellulitis                                58

Crohn's Disease                  16

Diabetes                               64

Drug Withdrawal                   10

Epilepsy                                  2

Note: Some of the above are included and counted based upon multiple diagnosis/issues for some guests 

Eye Procedures                            15

Gall Bladder                                  23

Gastric Procedures                       62

Heart Attack                                  69

Heart Disease                             107

Hernia                                            33

Hysterectomy                                21

Infection                                        67

Influenza                                         2

Leukemia                                        4

Liver Disease                                36

Meningitis                                        1

Mental                                           31

Open Wounds                               37

Oral Procedures                            11

Orthopedics/Fractures                309

Other Procedures                         91

Pancreatitis                                  19

Prostate Procedures                      9

Pulmonary Disease                    147

Renal Disorders                            54

Sickle Cell                                       4

Seizures                                       18

Skin Problems                              17

Spider Bite                                     3

Stroke                                          50

Surgery                                        77

Thyroid Procedure                         5

Weakness / Balance Issues          3

Undocumented                           18

Note: These stats do not count guests who did not complete the program such as expelled, walk-off or unknown


Guest Assistance

Your gifts helped each of these people return to health and reduced the number of hospital emergency room repeat visits. They also helped our guests obtain services they needed to get offthe streets and out of the shelters.

We are the only the social service agency in Mecklenburg County which assists hospitals and patients with their managed care plans.

Cancer Patients

In 2017, Samaritan House provided care for homeless cancer patients for the duration of their cancer treatment program, providing transportation to appointments and extended care. Last year cancer remission rates jumped from less than 50% to 88%.

Taxpayer Savings

Samaritan House helped save nearly $181 million in hospital bed days since we began in 2005. This at a cost of only $3.4 million.

Samaritan House has also helped save the taxpayers of Mecklenburg County over $300 million dollars in tax costs.

These savings are instrumental in reducing the cost of indigent healthcare in Mecklenburg County.