Samaritan House Staff


BRAD GOFORTH - Executive Director

Brad has been the Executive Director for 13 years. He is a retired U.S. Naval Officer including as Commander aboard the battleship USS Iowa. Brad has over 20 years of non-profit management; he has been working with the homeless, addicted and medically fragile community since 1994. He has a Masters Degree in Management and Human Resources Development.

GREGG CHAPMAN - Facility Manager / Volunteer Coordinator

Gregg has been with Samaritan House since 2011. He oversees facility operations, maintenance and security and also coordinates all volunteer scheduling, events and volunteer activities.

ELENA PACHECO - Guest Services

Elena previously worked for more than 6 years with the Salvation Army Center of Hope in Charlotte and has been with Samaritan House since 2017. She handles much of the guest relations and also assists with volunteer activities and events.

CREOLA SANDERS - Housekeeping / Food Service Mgr.

Creola, who has been with Samaritan House since 2008 oversees all daily housekeeping and food service duties throughout the facility.