Samaritan House Volunteers

Samaritan House volunteers have come to be known as “The Heart of Samaritan House” and for very good reason. Our volunteers are a very important part of our community and responsible for providing many of the key services that are needed to help us keep Samaritan House the great place that it is. Samaritan House offers many different volunteer opportunities for those wanting to volunteer; from groups to individuals we have opportunities that include yard work and landscaping, inside chores as well as preparing and serving a meal for our guests.

To sign up to volunteer with Samaritan House choose from below the opportunity best fits you and your group from below. 

Once you've signed up for a volunteer opportunity, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you either via phone call and/or email to confirm your request. If you would like to speak directly with the volunteer coordinator before you apply, please feel free to call us at (704) 333-0110 and we will be glad to assist.


To see our volunteers and the great things that they do for Samaritan House and our guests, please

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If you are a first time volunteer, please read our "Volunteer Policy" before signing up to volunteer.

Choose Your Opportunity

General Volunteering


General volunteering may include yard work and landscaping, inside shores helping with housekeeping, laundry, cleaning etc. as well as assisting with clerical chores such as fundraiser mailings, event planning and guest transportation to and from scheduled appointments. Groups of volunteers are welcome and many groups simply spend time with our guests playing board games, watching a movie or simply sitting and talking. Group volunteering is great for corporations seeking yearly service, church groups and youth groups as well as oraganizations looking for team building activities. No matter the individual or size of the group, volunteering with Samaritan House is always a fun and rewarding way of not only as a way to give back but it's also a great way in helping to keep our operations running smoothly day to day and being the great program we have become.

Meal Prep & Serve


Volunteers can prepare and serve a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) for our guests. This is one of the most rewarding opportunities for our volunteers as it gives you the chance to provide a home cooked meal or even something ordered and have the chance to sit with our guests and share a good meal together. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean so much to our guests and when you serve a meal it gives you the opportunity to get to know them and share with them and at the same time our guests come to understand that there truly are people that care about them. Over the years we’ve heard that our volunteers get a lot of satisfaction and happiness out of preparing, serving and sharing a meal with our guests.

Court Ordered Service Hours


Samaritan House works with local courts as well as other county and state courts to opportunities for those sentenced to community service hours. It is up to each court ordered defendant to maintain and complete their required hours and to do so in a professional and respectful manner.

Once a defendant completes his/her required hours, they will be provided a log of service hours and a letter of completion.

Please click on the “Apply Here” button to view our Court Ordered Policy and to sign up.

Please Note: Due to the large amount of inquiries that we receive on a daily basis and that most defendants in court cases are given a minimum of 90 days to complete their service hours, we accept applications on a first come, first serve basis and there must be at minimum 30 days or more until the required due date for hours. We DO NOT accept cases with less than 30 days for the due date.